Do You:

- go from calm to rage?

-avoid confrontation?

 -"stuff" your anger?

 -usually feel angry?

 -argue a lot?

 -have relationship problems?

 -carry resentments?

 -abuse others?

 -intimidate others to get your way?

 -blame others?

 -always feel unhappy?

-have angry outbursts or "blow ups"

Acquire The Skills To:

-Communicate your feelings 

-Recognize your triggers 

-Read and understand non-verbal communication  

 -Deal with angry people 

 -Communicate without shaming, blaming, or bullying

 -Defuse anger reactions 

 -Stay calm and collected when things get hot

 -Improve listening skills

 -Stop the pain that anger brings





Anger Management Group

meets on Wednesdays

from  5:00 - 6:00pm.


This is a four-session group.  

  • Week 1: What is my anger style/ What makes me angry?
  • Week 2: Recognizing anger in our bodies/Expressions of anger
  • Week 3:Coping skills
  • Week 4: Using what you have learned

Participants are given a certificate of completion provided they complete all sessions (including active participation and completion of  homework assignments) and show evidence of understanding of group topics.  The group instructor reserves the right to lengthen the number of sessions or terminate the participant (without a refund) based on the individual's lack of participation in the program.  


Cost of group is $100  (* insurances do not cover this).  In order to register for the group, full payment (cash or mastercard/visa only) needs to be made prior to your start date. 

For more information or to register for the group call  us at: (315) 703- 0168 ext 555   or email

 or contact us below:

Contact Us


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